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Our Company, Kitchens dela Lumina was founded in 2008. It was created as a Social Enterprise rather than a Commercial Company, the idea is to allow a modest living for employees whilst providing support to those in need. At the same time giving a high standard of service to customers.

The goal is to provide our customers a diverse selection of quality products at competitive prices, what would have been commercial profit going to charity and allowing customers to designate the profit from their purchase to their personal choice of charity.

All in all a very tall order but never the less; here we are and we are achieving what we set out to do. Our customers so far have been happy with our service and charities have benefited.

How do we manage all this you may ask? We keep a very tight ship, we do not have expensive showrooms or premisses but what we do have is some of the biggest suppliers of the products we retail in the country. They provide us with good discounts and an extremely good backup service. Stock on the majority of occasions being delivered to us next day or indeed next day delivery to our customers. Our average delivery time is 3 days.

The proprietor and founder of Kitchens dela Lumina (Kitchens of the Light), John Cornick; has had more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Not wanting to retire and wishing to do something very different; set to work using his knowledge and experience to create a company that could provide a service not only to customers but also to those who are in need.

A number of charities have privately endorsed our work though generally we stand alone and voluantarily provide funds to registered organisations and charities that provide help and service in many ways to not only our human race but also to our animal friends and of course the enviroment. After a 6 month trial run last year that was reasonably successful we closed our web-site for a complete overhall the result of which is here to be seen and tested by yourselves.

With your help we will put a shine in the "Heart of Your Home" and a smile on the face of those who have little or nothing at all.

We are ready to provide our service to you, enjoy our site - There is a smile on every page!

To all of you, from all of us at Kitchens dela Lumina - Thank you and Happy Days with Peaceful Nights!

John B Cornick

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